Wording Tips for Your Wedding

August 15, 2022

Wording might not be as fun as the printing, paper, and presentation details, but even the prettiest invitations need to have good information. Here I will show you the wording basics and how to make it unique and personal while not forgetting the most important details.

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Invitation Wording: How to Make it Your Own

How to Make Your Wedding Unique with Wording

Today I am sharing wedding wording basics and how you can make each piece unique and personal while not forgetting the most important details. Even the prettiest of invitations needs to have good information.

Your wedding invitation is the first impression guests will have of your celebration. They should communicate the who, when and where of the event, while offering a sneak peek in to your love story. Invitations should spell out all the essential wedding details—who’s getting married, who’s hosting, and when and where the ceremony and reception will take place.

BASIC WORDING TIPS: If the bride’s parents are hosting, it’s customary to leave off the bride’s last name. However, if the bride has a different last name than her parents, include her full name. The bride’s last name should also be included if the groom’s parents are involved in hosting.

If you would like to include the name of a deceased parent to the wedding invitation wording, simply add the word “late” in front of your family member’s name.

Wedding Invitation Wording Basics

What to Include

  • Who and What are you celebrating?
  • Who’s Hosting?
  • When and Where is the Ceremony?
  • Reception? 

Unique Wedding Invitation Wording that Celebrates Your Story

Whether or not you are planning a formal event, your wedding invitation should be a reflection of your love story. Make it your own by adding some much needed personality. For example:

  • A favorite book quote, song, or verse.
  • Rewrite it in the voice of your favorite character. Use your native language.
  • GO CRAZY: Mad-Lib style.
  • Rewrite it as a fairy tale.
  • Be creative.

Wedding RSVP Card Wording

Restate the invitation request. Example: Looking forward to celebrating with you.

Reply by: DATE (2-3 weeks prior to event)

  • The favor of a reply is requested by June 20th.
  • Please respond by June 20th.
  • Kindly reply by June 20th.
  • Your reply is requested by June 20th.

Standard Response: Accept with pleasure / Declines with regrets

OR You can have fun with this by changing each to a statement, for example: 

In place of “Accepts/Yes”:

  • Wouldn’t miss it!
  • I’m in like Flynn

In place of “Declines/No”:

  • Be There in Spirit
  • Lost at Sea
  • Lost in Translation

You may decide to reserve a # per family. If that is the case you will need to add a line to your response cards that says something like, “We have reserved #___ for your family” or “ ___ of  5  will attend”

Assign each response card a number and lightly pencil it in on the back, just in case someone forgets to write in their names. Make sure you also record that # on your spreadsheet (RSVP# column provided in free Guest List Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet).

How to Word Your Wedding Ceremony Programs

As with most big events, you want to know what’s happening and when? YOUR wedding is no different, especially if you are having a traditional Catholic or Jewish ceremony.

There are so many ways you can personalize a program, so that it truly is a telling of your love story. With a Who’s Who, the sequence of events, and any other details important to you and your fiancé.

A wedding program is also the perfect way to share your gratitude with all your guests and special thanks to those who have helped you become who you are or have been influential in your relationship.

What to Include


  • Bride and Grooms full names
  • Wedding date – month, day and year
  • Time of day
  • Ceremony location

Order of Ceremony

Include the first and last name of all speaking participants. List song title, composer and musicians for all musical sections.

  • Prelude
  • Attendants’ Processional
  • Bride’s Processional
  • Opening Prayer/Greeting 
  • Readings
  • Wedding Message
  • Exchange of Vows 
  • Unity Ceremony
  • Presentation of Couple
  • Recessional


Include first and last names. You could also include their relationship to you, such as: friend, brother, cousin, etc.

  • Officiant
  • Parents of the Bride and Groom
  • Maid/Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids, Best Man and Groomsmen
  • Flower Girls/Ring Bearer
  • Personal Attendant(s) and Ushers

Note from the Bride and Groom

Many couples are choosing to include a message of appreciation and or to honor those who have passed away.

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Invitation Wording: How to Make it Your Own

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